What Makes A Professional Fleet Cleaning Different

If you own a fleet, or even a single truck, you are well aware of the importance of keeping it clean. From making sure the cab is free from germs and bacteria to removing harsh road chemicals and buildup to prevent rust, fleet washing saves you a lot of money in the long run. But should you do it yourself or should you hire a professional company to take care of your fleet? Here’s what makes a professional fleet cleaning different than trying to take care of it yourself:

Pressure Equipment

If you are trying to clean buildup that has been neglected for a significant period of time, having pressure washers is essential. Unfortunately, pressure washers can be expensive. With professional fleet cleaners, you will have a company with all the tools on-hand so they can get the job done correctly—all with the cost of equipment built into a single invoice.

Environmentally Friendly Detergents

Professional fleet cleaning companies are making a transition to environmentally friendly detergents. When you use a service to take care of your fleet, they will use green practices which can include the use of detergents free from harsh chemicals, water reclamation machines to keep water from being wasted, and disposal methods that don’t harm the environment.

Time Saving Labor

If you are working on a single truck, a DIY cleaning can take hours or even days to get done properly. For a large fleet, hand washing trucks can result in significant downtime that affects the ability to operate your business. Instead of adding to payroll expenses by hiring full-time cleaners, hiring a fleet cleaning service means you get all of the labor you need to get the job done quickly without having to hire anyone. This means your fleet gets cleaned, and back on the road, in a fraction of the time compared to doing it yourself.

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