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Having a Well-maintained Truck Says Everything About the Driver, the Customer, and the Company

Car Lot Cleaning & Fleet Pressure Washing

Finding and working with professional motorists is a top priority for any trucking company or truck operator. There are a couple of companies that are not always searching for a good motorist with an established safety record that wants to take care of the machinery and promote the business. An excellent way to hire professionals is to maintain a great fleet of vehicles and keeping them clean is a huge factor.

Consider how important it is to a motorist to have a truck without grease, mud, oil, bugs, and roadway film, no window or mirror cleaning, and no slipping on gloves to open the hood before you get going. Grand Rapids truck washing services can develop a maintenance program that works for you and your motorists. Clean vehicles suggest more secure vehicles because the cleaner they are, the easier they are to evaluate and maintain-- and to detect on the road. Vehicles last longer when a regularly scheduled truck cleaning program securely eliminates dirt, gunk, contaminants, and ice-melting chemicals. Make your drivers honored to drive for you.

Reduce Your Truck Maintenance Costs

Car Lot Cleaning & Fleet Pressure Washing

We come prepared with whatever required to effectively finish your truck washing job: supervision, safety hardware, training, manpower, insurance coverage, cleaning agents, equipment, fuel, and environmental controls. Our specialists are prepared to provide you with documentation concerning our cleaning agents, equipment and OHSA approved safety strategies.

Trust Grand Rapids Pressure Washing to Abide By Environmental Requirements

Grand Rapids Pressure Washing follows best management practices in wastewater elimination. We're fully prepared to abide by all state and federal environmental standards and documentation. We follow the appropriate protocol in everything we do so you do not need to worry.