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Commercial Services

We perform all different types of commercial services such as warehouse cleaning, storefronts, walks, parking areas, window cleanings - to name just a few. Call today to see how we can serve you!


Residential Services

We excel at all different types of residential services such as house washes, deck cleaning / restoration, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and much more. Call today to see how we can make your house look like new!


Fleet Services

We specialize in all different types of fleet/vehicle cleaning, accommodating one time or recurring cleanings. Fleet cleaning services also include car lot cleaning and maintaining. Call today so see how we can make your fleet look like new!

Our goal is nothing short of providing a stress free, easy experience for you. We can handle all of your washing needs - from large projects to small. We always put our customers needs first to guarantee a positive relationship. Learn more about STOREFRONT CLEANING

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Servicing Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Greater Western Michigan
  • We carry all of our own water to every site
  • We clean everything with purified Hot Water.
  • Cleaning innovation
Professional Exterior Cleaning Grand Rapids


Serving Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area with over 10 years of pressure washing experience, we provide high quality results matched with low prices. We can complete all your service needs, including: store fronts, parking lots, signage, liquid spills, and regular maintenance programs.

Professional Exterior Cleaning Grand Rapids


Oils spills, rust, and just dirt and grime call us today to make it sparkle again.

Professional Exterior Cleaning Grand Rapids


Years of dirt, manufacturing, dust and debris doesn’t stop us. Multiple cleaning solutions to fit your needs.

Professional Exterior Cleaning Grand Rapids


Lift the face and image of your building by making it look new again.

Our Team

Grand Rapids Pressure Washing Experts


Scott VanDyke

Born and raised in Grand Rapids with a desire through innovation to provide customers solutions to their needs.

Vice President

John VanDyke

Born and raised in Grand Rapids with a desire to provide cleaning equipment and innovation to better the industry.

Power Washing Pros

The Team

Trained in the cleaning industry to provide professionalism and a stress free experience.

Under Pressure Steam & Clean LLC

What We Do


Residential Services


House Washing

House owners often neglect to clean their siding, resulting in dirt and grime. This can cause stains that remain on the surface for weeks or even months at a time before being resolved with professional cleaning services from our company! Our low-pressure washing method is safe enough not to damage your precious home while we remove all of those pesky spots you don't want around anymore - it'll look like brand new siding once again thanks to exclusively tailored solutions by Under Pressure Steam & Clean LLC.

Roof Cleaning

What's the point in owning a beautiful house if it has dirty, greasy tiles on top? Your roof is one of those aspects that determine how much money you'll be spending every month for upkeep. Why not let our professionals take care and make sure everything stays clean so as to maintain its originality! At Under Pressure Steam & Clean LLC we have the necessary equipment to properly clean your roof without damaging it.


Pressure Washing

If you're looking to have your property pressure washed, we can handle that! Our biodegradable cleaners and low-pressure techniques will never damage the surface of any building. We'll flush dirt out without leaving behind a mark or blemish on anything in sight - just like magic! We have 10+ years of experience in the pressure washing industry.


Gutter Cleaning

Why take the risk when we can remove all dirt, debris, and other things from your gutters so that they operate well again? Clogged gutter systems may cause water damage in addition to being inefficient. Polluted runoff has been linked with increased bacteria levels which could lead you missing work or having sick friends over because of illness caused by this pollution-filled rainwater coming into contact within a closed space such as an interior wall where there is no drainage system installed near it.


Deck Cleaning

After we clean and seal your deck, it will look like new again. Washing the surface is no longer a hassle because of our safe cleaners that result in an odorless taint-free cleaning process! If you have wooden decks then they require special care so don't worry about damaging them with chemicals during this service level--we use only top-notch products just for those materials which keep everything healthy while keeping germs away too!


Concrete Cleaning

Gravel, dirt, and grime are the most common causes of concrete slab issues. They make your beautiful surface dull in appearance with an ever-so slippery feel that's not safe to walk on without protection from sharp surfaces below or around it! We can help you get rid of these things once & forever by providing professional cleaning services designed specifically towards this task at hand - which include removing all impurities left behind after our ecofriendly cleaners have done their job loosening up whatever is stuck inside each piece so they'll never cause trouble again.



Commercial Services


Graffiti Removal

When you need a team of professionals to keep your property clean and safe, reach out. Our friendly staff will come in when others can't or won’t - no matter how high off the ground, it is! We use only reliable equipment that guarantees nothing but perfection every time so all surfaces are completely free from any types either written messages or drawings (even those hard-to-reach corners).


Parking Garage Cleaning

Need help making your commercial parking garage shine again? We're the professionals for dirty jobs. With our effective washing services, we'll clean everything thoroughly to keep customer satisfaction high and running smoothly! Washing a shabby space isn't easy - but if you don’t have enough staff on hand or just want an extra set of hands in general then give us a call today because that's what partners do best: Help each other out when needed most by offering their expertise.


Storefront Cleaning

Most people give importance to the storefront before they decide whether or not it's worth entering. If you have clear glass that is streak-free and spotless with a deep shine, this will make your clients feel much more at ease as soon their eyes land on yours through those doors! Stains are no match for our team members here who can help get everything clean again - just like new in fact so don't worry about dirtying up any of those surfaces beforehand since we'll do all work until every inch shines bright.


Fleet Washing

Washing your fleet of cars is not as easy and straightforward a task. You need to take care if you want them to look their best, so we offer top-notch washing services at competitive prices! Our 2 step process ensures there's no water spots left on any vehicle--even those that seem like they can't be saved due the extent of damage done by dirt or bugs (yes these things happen). And because it takes more than just rinsing away with some soap for us to finish off our jobs well done; hand drying each exterior after every single drive will keep its shine forevermore.


Car Lot Cleaning

To be successful in the car industry, you need a clean exterior. Potential buyers will pass up your lot if it's not well-maintained and appealing to them! Our professional team of cleaners can make all those years worth it with their excellent workmanship--less costly than advertising or any other enhancements too!


Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil spills are often harmful to the environment, people and property. The sooner you contact a professional team like ours with experience in cleaning up oil leaks or other types of spillage emergencies; the much easier it will be for us to get all that dirty mess cleaned up fast!


Apartment Building Cleaning

Having an unsightly building can cause losses. Visitors will be few, and you won't get any new tenants because nobody wants that! To catch their attention in a competitive market like ours where space is limited on both sides of the street; we need something urgent - which our apartment cleaning service provides just that: instant results at little cost to owners other than time spent doing franchise repairs themselves or hiring someone else who might not have all day anyways?


Compactor Washing

We know how unhygienic this place becomes when you leave it dirty. That's why our compactor washing service includes cleaning off the machine, chute, and sanitizing areas to make sure that no dirt or bacteria can survive in your home for long enough - we'll get rid of every speck! For those who have had their noses rubbed into a sickeningly sweet scent from around these parts before then rest assured knowing hot water treatment will deal with smell at 100%.


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