Should I Clean My Gutters Alone?

Homeowners should not clean their gutters alone, and there are many reasons why. They are not as knowledgeable about the work as trained professionals are and so are taking a much larger risk when choosing to go the job. Even on smaller homes that do not have gutters extremely high, the work is not for someone without proper experience. Therefore, not only should homeowners not do the job of gutter cleaning, but they should jump at the chance to have others do it for them. 

Gutter cleaning is dangerous, first and foremost, because most gutters on the average home are up more than twenty feet in the air. The options for reaching these gutters are limited. Going up on the roof is dangerous and can lead to damaged shingles. Using a ladder is perhaps the best bet, but using a ladder at such heights without the proper safety gear is very dangerous. Especially if people are attempting to do the job completely alone, ladders are not the answer. 

Even large groups of people are ineffective, however. A support staff of homeowners who all do not understand the proper procedures for gutter cleaning can lead to even more problems and injuries on a larger scale. Though, it should be noted that when taking to such high heights, injury is the best scenario. Such careless work can result in death, especially for people with tall homes or those who live out in the country with large open space and nothing to catch a fall. 

In addition, working on gutters with no experience makes the process take longer, and time is a valuable asset. In the end, it is much more efficient to simply enlist a company to do the work of gutter cleaning, for they work quickly and safely. Homeowners will use the wrong tools and risk potentially missing contaminants in the gutter. It is important to state that if anything is left in the gutter, the job is redundant. The truth of that makes it clear that it is best to trust companies with gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a tedious and, more importantly, dangerous job. It is something that must be done regularly, which is unfortunate because in an ideal world nobody would have to tend to gutters. When faced with the need to clean gutters, however, it is important for homeowners to make sure they are working with companies that can provide their services for a reasonable price. As such, homes can be quickly and easily safeguarded. 

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