How Often Should I Clean My Roof? (Usually every 1-3 years depending on the density of trees and overall humidity AND must be done by a professional)

Having a roof over your head can have many different meanings. For some, it means having a warm place to stay, for others it means having a gathering place for friends and family. What many people fail to take into consideration, though, is the upkeep that comes with it. It’s recommended that you clean your roof every 1-3 years. As with all home exterior maintenance this is dependent on the conditions surrounding your roof, as well as the material your roof is made out of.

As you can expect, nature and the elements play a big role in overall roof condition. It’s safe to say that a home in Minnesota will face different issues with its roofing than a home in southern Florida. Roofing systems are made to withstand many of the extremes that the elements send, but there are certain happenings that can really leave a devastating effect. Temperature has a big effect on roofs due to the material contraction and expansion. This can be caused by either extreme temperatures on either end lasting for long periods of time, or quick and extreme changes in temperature.

Humidity especially can cause some serious issues to even the most sound of roofing. Humidity damage can take on a lot of forms to the exterior of homes. One way to cause massive damage to the roof is through moisture being trapped in an attic, or a crawl space. As the moisture collects in these notoriously dark and warm spaces, condensation will form resulting in mold growing throughout roof rafters and roof joists. Wood rot, or weakened roofing is a natural result of this and something that’s hard to prevent. Heat damage has nearly the same effect as humidity on roofs, and therefore the overall climate your home is located in should be taken into consideration when deciding how often you should have your roof cleaned. Heat can cause wood rafters, support beams, and all other factors to stretch and crack allowing water to seep in leading to the same molding issues we see with humidity. Humidity, as well as heat can also cause shingles to come out of place as shingles nails react to extreme heat by popping, curling, or even shrinking and weakening the area they originally were placed in.

Having debris removed from your roof is another proactive step you can take to ensure your roof maintains its structure. Debris can cause a lot of devastating effects on roofs of all material. Ensuring your roof is clear from debris can also help your home be more energy efficient by reflecting sun rays, and therefore keeping your home cooler in the summer months.

As you can tell, roofs, as simple as they may seem, can have complicated and costly issues. It’s this reason alone that makes hiring a professional roof cleaner that much more important. A professional roof cleaner will not only help ensure your roof is clear and avoidant of any potential hazards, but they can also advise you on how often to clean your roof, or any other steps you can take to ensure your roof remains in good condition.

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