5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fleet Washing

Having your fleet washed is part of routine maintenance, but it is probably more important than you realized. From keeping overall costs lower and impressing the Department of Transportation to better driver retention, here are 5 things you didn’t know about professional fleet washing:

1. It Keeps you Compliant

Maintaining compliance with all of the rules and regulations is a necessity for any type of logistics company. By using a professional fleet cleaning service, you ensure that you are in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

2. Cleaning Results in Fewer DOT Inspections

Clean, well maintained vehicles are less likely to get pulled over than vehicles that are poorly cleaned. By using a professional company to clean your fleet, you will have fewer drives pulled over which ultimately results in fewer inspections by the Department of Transportation.

3. Driver Safety Is Improved

When using a professional cleaning service, your fleet isn’t only cleaned on the outside. The interior of trucks are cleaned, including the cab. When cabs and cars receive regular cleanings, drivers are less likely to encounter germs and bacteria that could lead to illness—something especially important in 2020.

4. Improve Your Driver Retention

A clean fleet isn’t only impressive to clients and the Department of Transportation. Your drivers will be happier as well. Having a clean fleet that is consistently maintained lowers the chances your drivers will have issues which helps improve driver retention.

5. Cleaning Increases Longevity

As trucks put on miles, they are constantly throwing up dirt and grime from the highway. This buildup can cause damage to paint and eventually lead to rusting out metals under the vehicle. By keeping your fleet clean, you will need fewer repaints, part replacements, and other expensive repairs. A simple preventative cleaning can save you thousands in the long run.

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