Why You Should Keep Your Trucks Clean

Trucks are what keep the country going—without them, the supply chain would simply not be able to work as effectively as it does. While the importance of the trucking industry is without question, one aspect of trucking that sometimes goes unnoticed is keeping them clean. Over the thousands of miles that trucks accumulate throughout the week, all kinds of dirt and grime are collected. Cleaning your fleet is an important part of overall maintenance that has implications you may not even be aware of:

It Reflects On The Driver

Just like we should dress up for an important meeting, our trucks should be clean and maintained from the outside as well. First impressions are extremely important and when a driver pulls up in a truck, the appearance of their vehicle is what leaves the impression. Making sure your trucks are free from dirt build-up, mud, animal droppings, and other things adds a level of professionalism.

It Looks Better to the DOT

If you are a fleet operator, having a clean fleet is extremely important to the company’s image. And the Department of Transportation is going to notice. When dealing with the DOT, having a fleet of clean vehicles can go a long way to leaving a lasting positive impression.

It Helps Protect Your Equipment

Clean fleets aren’t only cosmetic necessities, especially during the winter. Dirt, deicing salts, and other debris can cause lasting damage to the undercarriage of trucks if left untreated. As road maintenance material sits on a truck, it slowly starts to wear at the exterior finish. This can be problematic for paint and can even lead to rust buildup. The cost of fleet cleaning is dramatically cheaper than a new paint job or replacement parts for areas that were damaged by road salt. 

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