Why You Should Use A Professional Fleet Cleaner

Fleet washing is one of the most important parts to routine truck maintenance. Trucks are very expensive to begin with, so making sure you can lower replacement and repair costs is important to long-term fiscal management. Using a professional fleet cleaning service is one of the best investments you can make for your fleet, and here are a few reasons why:

Long Term Cost Savings – An Example

Suppose you invest in a new truck and it is constantly in use. Over the winter months, deicing salts and other chemicals from the road start to build up on the underside of the vehicle. Every once in a while the vehicle is hosed down, but not professionally. The next thing you notice is rust starting to build up on the truck tank panel where dirt and salt stayed too long. Replacing those panels can cost nearly $10,000. All of that cost could have been saved with affordable, routine cleaning from a professional fleet washer.

Not All Cleaning Services Are The Same

One thing you want to watch out for when you choose a professional cleaning company is the type of chemicals that they use. Ultimately you should look at fleet cleaning as a long-term strategy to keep maintenance costs down. However, some cheaper services will use potent chemicals to quickly get rid of dirt and debris. While this may keep short-term costs down, the cleaning chemicals themselves can actually be corrosive can cause similar damage to your fleet that road wear and tear does.

Make sure that you choose a company that uses the right tools and chemicals for the job. Not only is this better for your fleet, it can help the environment and reflect better on your brand as well. Remember, the goal of professional fleet cleaning is to save money over time so use a reputable service that can keep your fleet clean without doing any damage.

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