What’s on your roof?

A lot of us take our rooves for granted. The roof keeps out rain, offers shelter from wind, heat and cold and sits there. Sometimes it needs a repair, and every few decades it needs to be redone. However, that is not always the best plan. Have you had a good look at your roof lately?

Maybe you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and has high humidity. When you look at your roof, do you see unsightly black streaks? That would be algae growing on the roof. What about green stuff? Moss will grow on there as well. Mold and mildew abound.

Maybe you live in a dry climate. Sand, dust and ash from wildfires land on the roof. When the rainy season does arise, other debris lands on it as well. None of these, wet or dry, are any good for the roof. They aren’t good for the inhabitants of the house, either.

You see, what is on the roof can and does get inside the house. Like the exterior walls, that means that all kinds of contaminants are in there for the family to breathe. Allergies are a strong probability and those with any breathing issues will have serious problems. In an area with a lot of industrial pollution, a lot of other stuff can get in that will cause even more health issues.

It’s not good for the roof. Any experienced roofer will tell you that. A clean roof lasts a lot longer than a roof coated in debris. If you want to get that forty years out of the brand new roof you just had put on, keeping it clean is needed.

You may be wondering how to do that. Should you get the water hose and a scrub brush and climb on the roof? How about renting a machine to do it? Both of those options are greatly wanting. First of all, both are on the hazardous side. A slippery roof is a good way to have a bad fall. Pressure and power washers require training to be handled safely, and even then they may do damage to the roof with a newbie at the helm.

The best bet is to hire a professional company. They are trained in how to be safe on a roof, how to use the appropriate equipment and how to see to all the niggling little details. They bring the machine and equipment, use it, and then take it away. You won’t have to lug it back to the rental place after a long session of cleaning the roof.

They are licensed, bonded and insured. That means if human nature prevails and an accident does occur, you are safe. If a passerby slips, you are covered. With the training, that is not as likely to happen, but it is good to know you are protected.

A professional knows where to look for hidden problems. They may not be visible, but they still may cause damage to the roof over time. These hidden problems can harm curb appeal as well. The detail may not be visible, but having it taken care of will improve the looks greatly in a subtle way.

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