Things You Didn’t Know About Fleet Cleaning

Everyone knows that fleet cleaning is important to the repair bill. Getting rid of all the dirt and grime on your truck means you don’t have to worry about rust, oil buildup, and other types of corrosion. But did you know that fleet cleaning can have a lot of benefits outside of simply keeping costs down? Here are a few added benefits to keeping your trucks clean that you probably didn’t know about:

It Keeps Your Drivers Around

One of the most commonly cited problems drivers have when they leave a company is the state of their truck. If your drivers are driving trucks that aren’t cleaned regularly, they are more likely to complain. Regularly cleaned vehicles result in companies increasing their driver retention rate and lowering hiring costs.

It Gets You Stopped Less Often

No one likes to deal with the Department of Transportation or deal with DOT inspections. One of the quickest ways to lower the number of stops is to simply have a well-maintained vehicle. If a truck is driving down the highway with dirt and debris flying off the mudflaps or off the undercarriage, you’re just asking to have the DOT involved.

It Helps Improve Mileage

Many drivers don’t realize how much weight road dirt can add to their vehicles. When dirt continues to accumulate, especially on the side of the vehicle, it can add enough way and wind resistance to lower the average miles per gallon. This results in an unseen cost that is easily taken care of.

Use A Professional Cleaner

From keeping your drivers and the DOT happy to improving gas mileage and lowering repair costs, commercial fleet cleaning is a great way to save money for your company. When looking for a fleet cleaning company, choose one that uses green material, has enough employees to take care of your fleet size, and has a reputation for maintaining customer relationships.

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