The Benefits Of Commercial Fleet Washing

Using a professional fleet washing company is a great way to keep your vehicles on the road longer and keep costs down. Whether you have a huge fleet of hundreds of vehicles, or a single truck as an owner-operator, using a professional cleaning company is a smart choice.

If you are still on the fence about having commercial fleet cleaning, here are three benefits to having a professional take care of all of your washing:

Fleet Cleaning Saves Time

When you use fleet washing services, the tools and professionals are already there. You simply have to let them know when you need your fleet cleaned, and they take care of the rest. With a team of professionals working on your vehicles, fleet cleaning is done quickly which results in less downtime for your trucks.

Fleet Cleaning Protects Your Trucks

No matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet, each and every one of them was a significant investment. As trucks go up and down the highway, all kinds of corrosive materials—such as oils, dirt, road salt during the winter, and paving chemicals—collect on the side and undercarriage of the vehicle. Over time these lead to rust and extremely expensive repairs. A professional cleaning company will keep all the buildup from happening so you lower your long-term maintenance costs.

It Protects The Environment

When you use a professional company, your fleet will be taken care of with industry-leading tools and technology. This includes water reclamation equipment so there is less water waste, biodegradable detergents that don’t pollute the ground, as well as proper water and waste disposal so everything used to clean your truck is not left to harm the environment. Not only is this important for protecting the planet, using a professional, environmentally-friendly service to clean your vehicles also reflects well on your company.

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