Soft washing hardy board siding to remove algae

Isn’t a Hardie siding board a great way to make the exterior of your house look incredible? Hardie boards may be one of the easy picks to make the house look presentable. You may think that siding may be low maintenance, but it is undoubtedly an attraction for the algae. If you are planning to make the siding last as long as possible, you need to maintain the siding. What do you think can affect your house, Hardie siding? The algae are the danger alarm for the siding.

But do you know what algae are? Why is it not suitable for the siding board?

What are algae?

Algae is the organism that grows in moisture, mostly on the stagnant water. It is the photosynthetic organism that appears to be green in color. Some of the types of algae are not harmful. Whereas, some of these types are toxic and not the best for the Hardie siding board.

The algae grow on the surface that contains dampness. The organic substance may also be the house for algae. That is why the siding board can grow algae. And it can reduce the life of the siding board.

Why is it essential to get rid of algae from the Hardie siding board?

Several reasons make it necessary for the homeowner to get rid of the algae. Below are some of the ideas that will help you understand the importance of getting rid of the algae.

Doesn’t look good

The appearance of the algae is green in color. So, the presence of it on the white siding board does not look great at all. It will make the exterior of your house look rotten, dirty, and unappealing. If you are someone who wants to make the house look attractive, you need to remove algae from it.

Danger alarm

The appearance of the algae is because of the moisture. So, you can conclude that the algae presence means the humidity is present underneath the siding board, which is not suitable for the house, as well as the board.


The algae are, at times, harmful. It can cause bacterial infections, allergies, and irritation. So, you need to make sure that you plan to get rid of algae in some way.

How to remove algae from the hardy siding board?

If you are planning to remove and get rid of the algae, there are several methods for it. However, if you want a professional service, it is best to use the help of the experts. Now, what are you going to do? The most effortless way to clean and remove the algae is to hire a professional soft washing company. The soft washing companies use the soaps and the methods that are perfect for getting rid of the algae for a longer run. It may go wrong if you try to do it yourself with not the fittest material. It will lead to the algae appearing again in some time.

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