Roof Cleaning in (Grand Rapids, MI)

Some people put so much thought into cleaning the inside of a building that they neglect the outside. This is unfortunate because making the outside of a building look as inviting as the inside is extremely important. This is true of homes and especially for businesses. A clean exterior and well maintained landscaping create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will help attract customers.

One aspect of cleaning that is often overlooked is the roof. Making sure the roof of a building is clean remains a vital aspect of building maintenance, even if you can’t see it most of the time. Despite the out of sight, out of mind nature of roofs, a clean roof is still important because it is a sturdy roof. A dirty roof is one that can start to rot, sag, or buckle. Any of those scenarios creates a dangerous roof that can affect the rest of the building as well.

In order to ensure a safe and solid roof, it has to be cleaned and maintained regularly, just like the rest of the building, inside or out. Without proper and regular roof cleaning, all sorts of dirt, debris, and waste can accumulate onto a roof.

A good example of such grimy buildup is the growth of algae. If you ever see black streaks on a roof, odds are good that it’s a type of algae. Not only does it look unsightly, it can damage shingles and eat away at the roof. That can create holes to let in water, and from there the damage will only get worse. The algae can spread down the walls as well, which will make it more obvious and cause further possible damage to the building.

Algae often grows on the north side of a roof, and from there it will spread like mold. Speaking of, mold is another possibility on a neglected roof. It may start on the outside of the building, but can easily spread inside. Not only can mold cause structural damage, the spores are bad for everyone’s health, employee and customer alike.

In order to ensure a regularly cleaned roof, professional cleaners should be called. They have the experience to get a roof cleaned thoroughly and safely. Most people don’t like going onto the roof, which is part of why the cleaning tends to be neglected. After all, how often do you clean out the gutters of your home? Cleaning a roof is even more dangerous than that, so it’s best left to the experts. Cleaning a roof can be tougher than people realize, but it is not something to ignore.

Algae, mold, and seasonal dangers all require cleaning to handle. Fallen leaves and twigs can allow mold and algae buildup, and in the winter melting snow can seep into the structure or create dangerous icicles. Especially heavy snowfall can put too much weight on a roof and cause it to sag or buckle. If the roof is flat, rainwater can leave stagnant pools that attract insects and disease. It may be out sight, but by making sure your roof gets regularly cleaned, the worries of a dirty roof will be off your mind.

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