How Fleet Cleaning Impacts Your Company

If you are the owner of a fleet, whether it is 10 trucks or 100, you have all kinds of things to deal with: making sure your drivers are happy, making sure the supply chain isn’t interrupted, acquiring more customers, and much more.

Unfortunately, this often results in fleet cleaning getting overlooked. However, fleet cleaning is one of the most important aspects of truck maintenance. Proper, regular cleaning can drastically increase the longevity of your vehicles. Here are a few ways it impacts your company:

It Is Your First Impression

Vehicles that are not maintained on the outside reflect poorly on you as a company. If a truck in the yard is sitting covered in dust and debris, it will not look good to drivers looking for work. If you pull up to a new client with a poorly maintained truck, it could leave a negative first impression. Dirty trucks are also more likely to have to deal with DOT inspections. Professional fleet cleaning makes sure your trucks always look good.

It Helps Your Bottom Line

Repair costs for truck tank panels can cost thousands of dollars. Oftentimes this is necessary because materials from the road, such as sand, dirt, and oil, start to build up and corrode the metal. Instead of spending thousands, or tens of thousands, in repair costs for each of your vehicles, using a fleet cleaning company can keep your trucks in top-shape for much longer. This ultimately improves your bottom line.

Should You Clean Yourself?

Knowing how important it is to clean your vehicles, you need to use a professional fleet cleaner to get the job done correctly. They have tools, such as water reclamation stations and power washers, as well as industry-grade detergents and eco-friendly practices to get your fleet clean in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.

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