Common Pressure Washing Questions Answered

First time pressure washing your house and not quite sure how the process goes? Been pressure washing for years but still have a few questions that haven’t been answered? Whatever the situation may be, this list will cover all of the basic questions about pressure washing out there!

Q. What’s the difference between high and low pressure washing?

A. Both high and low pressure washing work the same way; however, while low pressure washing is a safe method of cleaning, high pressure cleaning most often is not. Using a high pressure washer can cause extensive damage to your property. Only low pressure washing should be used to remove dirt and stains from your house.

Q. Do I really need to hire someone to pressure wash my house?

A. The best way to ensure that your house is safely and properly cleaned is by hiring a professional pressure washing service. A team of professionals will be able to clean your home  efficiently while minimizing any potential damage that pressure washing can cause.

Q. What exactly is pressure washing?

A. Pressure washing, or power washing, is when water is sprayed at high pressures in order to clean.

Q. What surface needs to be pressure washed?

A. Pressure washing can be used on concrete, wooden decks, siding, and more. These materials can generally safely withstand the intensity of pressure washing.

Q. Do I really need to use chemicals?

A. An effective clean can only truly be achieved with the usage of chemical detergents. Chemical cleaners, when paired with low pressure washing, can remove deep-set stains and molds on your property that water alone cannot remove.

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